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What is exactly needed to be qualified for this loan?

The basic requirements for any applicant to meet before applying for a loan include: minimum age limit 18 years, a regular income source/permanent job, a valid bank a/c, and that the applicant must be a citizen of the UK.

For what purpose can I borrow these loans?

In any sort of financial emergency you can apply for these short term loans. For example: going on a vacation and got short of some cash, need to buy some home improvement stuff, pay off your medical bills, get your car repaired.

What personal information do you need to process my application?

For short term loans, lenders do not ask for complex information like mortgage information, guarantor details. Only basic details about your bank, employment and existing debts is required to check if you can afford to borrow/pay back another cash advance.

Does my part time job help me to get this loan?

If you are working part time and saving enough to make loan repayments you could be offered a loan. However, lenders usually trust full time employment more as compared to part time employment and rental income.

What if I have a bad credit, can I still get loan?

If you believe that you can afford to make timely repayments of your loan and your past track record is not serious enough to be considered as your incapability of managing a new loan, you can apply for a loan despite your credit history. Almost every lender these days offers bad credit loans.

Do I need to possess a bank a/c?

Yes, it is one of the four prerequisites for getting your loan application processed, since the loan amount is transferred directly to your bank account and repayments are paid through the same account.

What happens if I do not repay the loan amount on the due date?

In case of late/miss payments lenders usually charge a penalty on your loan account. Extended delay may not only make the loan expensive but you might also get a bad remark in your credit register.

Can I get extension for my loan repayment?

Sometimes yes, it depends on the kind of agreement you had with your lender. If your lender offers flexibility in loan repayment you can ask for loan extension or even a loan roll over. But it is not advisable to extend your loan since it makes the loan account really expensive.


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